Our Podcast: Shadows and Shamblers is a podcast about the STARZ TV show American Gods. Anya and Alan discuss, dissect, and illuminate every part of the show.

Our Origin: Anya and Alan met on a 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' forum. They each had a talent for reading deeply into pop culture, and formed a friendship over a love of podcasts and Buffy. After years of listening to podcasts they were inspired to try making their own, and they created Hallowed Ground Media.

Other Projects: If you want to learn more about Anya and Alan, and their favorite stories, listen to our other show Hallowed Ground StoryCast.

Follow Us: We are on Twitter @ShadowShambler, @StrangelyLiterl, @ChipperAlan, @HGStoryCast. Alan also has a blog you can follow.


'Shadows and Shamblers' is a production of Hallowed Ground Media. Visit us at www.hallowedgroundmedia.com